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Sto Systems

Glendale Plastering Ltd are proud to be associated with the Sto Systems, we can advise you on exactly the right type of product and finish for the job in hand. An overview is listed below, however please call us to discuss your individual project in more detail.

Synthetic Render Systems

Synthetic RenderSto developed the first synthetic renders for commercial use in 1955. The StoRend systems range allows for the application of through-coloured, thin coat Sto renders onto a wide variety of substrates for an attractive and long-lasting render finish.

Interior plaster systems

spinnaker TowerDecorative and durable systems for interior plasters. Sto interior plaster systems provide a high quality background for the application of interior plaster finishes. To ensure each project achieves optimum results, we provide a range of interior systems for a variety of project requirements.

Mineralic Render Systems

Mineralic RenderFor projects that require a traditional, mineralic render finish, Sto has developed the StoRend Heritage systems range for new build and refurbishment projects. Available in a variety of traditional colours and textures.

Facade Repair System

Facade RepairThe ideal way to renovate old, tired facades or damaged facade systems without the need for major structural redevelopment and the associated costs. Highly reinforced and dowel-fixed, then finished in a Sto synthetic render.

Spinnaker Tower - Sto hard-wearing polished plasters add style to the public viewing platform. The striking 170m tall landmark towering over the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour, Spinnaker Tower attracts thousands of visitors. A product to complement the contemporary structure of Spinnaker Tower was required for the interior. The ideal solution was a plaster with a vibrant appearance and hard-wearing finish to withstand such a high traffic area. StoLook Veneziano achieved exactly what was needed with its attractive and hard-wearing finish it provided the perfect solution.   



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